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by:Rigao      2020-03-21
【 High gerui 】 Repair of single circuit board several steps: find out the fault parts, simple to use convenient tool: first with the eyepiece, magnifying glass, bright lights look carefully to see if there is any abnormal cracks in place, of burning with nose smell, see if there are any burning, there is the place to post it up with the tag. With using three meters, all simple parts first for a check, these parts are basically less than 3 feet, such as transistors, resistors, diodes, with three basic table enough for testing. Fiberglass PCB schematic design gerui high a quick proofing services, provide global PCB batch circuit board manufacturing, small and medium enterprises, is committed to become the world first-class PCB proofing brand service. Since its inception, the company adhering to the 'market-oriented, take the quality as the center' the management idea, to China's electronic information industry innovation continue to provide quality services. Products are widely used in communications, digital, security monitoring, aerospace, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, military and other high-tech fields. Core competitiveness: technology, high quality, high ZhunQi rate, express delivery, customer service, superior cost-effective consultant type. Company equipped with complete production, technology, service and after sales team, 7 * 24 hours to provide customers with technical support, production operation and order service, fast comprehensive response to the global customers personalized instant demand. The Internet age, whether past or present, or Internet +, the phenomenon of 'quick change' accelerated the pace of life of people, especially in today's first-tier cities at all levels of people, under the pressure of life in the workplace, everyone is in a race against time might be busy, if you slack back will fall a disadvantage, even far away from being rejected. We only have racing against time, seize the tuyere, ahead, can really overwhelming. For enterprises, the efficiency is more crucial, from the broad sense, the pursuit of efficiency is the essence of management. Under the same conditions, the enterprise the production efficiency is higher, the higher the market share is gained by the, will lead to higher profits. Simple for management is to make the organization gain greater efficiency, better and faster to achieve the objectives of the organization. Double-sided flexible circuit board FPC manufacturing process: FPC cutting - Double-sided FPC manufacturing process, in addition to the part of the material, roll material basically is used in the flexible printed circuit board. Because not all of the processes are must use the take-up process for processing, some must be cut into flake to processes, such as double metal flexible printed circuit board hole drilling, drilling, currently only in the form of flake so double-sided flexible PCB process is open. Flexible copper-clad laminate to the external force to bear ability is poor, it is easy to hurt. If you damage when cutting to the led circuit board manufacturers qualified rate of each process after a severe impact. So even if the look is very simple, in order to guarantee the quality of the material, must also be given enough attention. If the quantity is less, can use hand shears or hob cutter, mass, available automatic cutting machine. Cladding open window using nc drilling and milling machine or punching machine, CNC drilling and milling rotation speed cannot too big, so the operation cost is high, mass production is generally not in this way. The cladding with from type paper 10 ~ 20 overlap, cover plate fixed and then processed with up and down. Easy adherent half curing adhesives on the bit, cause of poor quality. So want to should be more frequently than the copper foil board drilling test, and eliminate drilling crumbs. Cover the window of the membrane with punching method processing simple punching die are available, and when the diameter of 3 mm below the batch of hole processing using die cutting. Window of the large hole in the die, medium and small batch of holes with CNC drilling and punching die and carry on the processing, covering film processing. Good considering the layout of the components in the first place to consider a factor is closely related to the electrical wiring components together as far as possible, especially for some high-speed line layout to make it short and small power signal devices as much as possible to separate, on the premise of meet the circuit performance also consider components neat and beautiful facilitate testing, mechanical size socket of the board should also consider the location of the system of grounding and interconnection line transmission delay time, also is the first thing to consider when system design factors of signal transmission time, had a great influence on the overall system speed, especially for high speed ECL circuit though high speed integrated circuit block itself, but as a result of on the floor with common interconnect line every 30 cm long, about 2 ns delay time increases the amount of delay can make the system speed is greatly reduced. As a shift register synchronous counter. This synchronization working parts in the same piece of board because of the different transmission delay time of the clock signal on the board could lead to a shift register is produced unequal error, if not on a piece of board where synchronization is the key from the public clock source of each board connected to the clock line must be equal to the length of the strengthening plate bonding with pressure-sensitive type ( PSA) And thermosetting type, its processing required for manual are also quite different. Using pressure sensitive type is very simple, to tear the mold on type pressure sensitive film, and after counterpoint, flexible printed circuit board on the location of the overlap in a short period of time can be pressurized, even can as long as the hand down. When needs certain bonding strength with simple press a few seconds of pressure or by hot pressing roller. Used thermosetting adhesive glue agent is not so simple. General need 3 ~ 5 mpa ( 30 ~ 50公斤/厘米。 ) The pressure and the high temperature of 160 ~ 180 ℃, must suppress 30 ~ 60 min. In order not to make flexible printed circuit board is affected by stress, enhance plate parts of a pressure must be uniform, if simply to enhance board site pressure, strengthen the end plate parts affected by stress may cause disconnection, common practice as shown in the figure below. The covering film has good window holes are removed from the film, affixed to the had been etched circuit substrate, laminated, before to the line surface cleaning treatment, to remove surface contamination and oxidation. Surface cleaning with chemical method. After removed from the film covering membrane has many various shapes of holes, completely without membrane skeleton, particularly difficult to operate, is to use the location of the positioning hole with lines overlap of good is not easy. The current mass production GeChang still rely on artificial to para laminated, operator first turn on the window covering membrane hole connected to the line graph plate and terminals for accurate positioning, for temporary fixation after confirmation. In fact if the flexible printed circuit board or cladding size changes, either party can't accurate positioning. If conditions allow can cover membrane after divided into several pieces, then laminated positioning. If forced to cover membrane stretched for registration, will cause the film more uneven, bigger changes in the size, this is to make the plate buckling of the important reasons.
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