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by:Rigao      2020-04-16
A status, analysis the day consultation with PCBA ( Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Printed Circuit Board Assembly) Production area layout, for example. Figure 1, the same color box said similar function of the equipment or process. Diagram you can see the similar function of the equipment or process scattered in a number of areas, not only caused the disorderly crisscross of product flow, and there is more than small area did not make full use of the blank area. For example, FCT has grown ( Functional tests) Equipment scattered in two areas, Wave ( Wave soldering) Production line in two areas, RDL ( Vertical plug-in) Equipment spread in two places. 1, PCBA is a typical hybrid product line, including more than 160 kinds of main products. About 53% of the more than 160 kinds of products, need from SMT ( Surface Mounted Technology, surface-mount Technology) Start production, 15% need from Wave ( Wave soldering) Process started production, 32% needed from Al process ( Auto- Insert automatic plug-in, refers to the RDL, VCD, PEM, TAB, DIP process) , and in 53% from SMT process products, 30% need to Al for the next working procedure, 10% need to Wave to the next working procedure. 2, PCBA area according to the new product development and market demand, need to increase the Coating ( Surface coating) Process. After the process of product at the end of the process need to rest for a period of time to ensure that the surface curing effect. This new technology and production line, set line not only need to find a suitable area, also need enough space to place products. 3, PCBA components of plastic area is too narrow, element types, components often have to pile up together, lead to component mixture. Second, the overall layout to improve the overall logistics and the product experience and results in the workshop area for reference, to determine the direction of the regional function. 1, the workshop according to the product group technology concept first divide all the production line according to four categories: PCBA, air conditioning, high-power three-phase UPS and the rest of the UPS. 2, analysis the relationship between the process. PCBA area is all other areas of the circuit board supplier, in theory should be near the upstream process ( Warehouse) And convenient to all downstream process ( Each production line) Position, but considering the PCBA process in SMT equipment production after displacement and machine cost is higher, Need supplier support and long downtime set-up time) , consider keeping PCBA area, only do partial adjustment within it. 3, considering the special barriers. Air conditioning products and other products are belong to the downstream process of PCBA, theory should be around the PCBA layout. But air conditioning production line conveyor line for the automatic equipment and mobile cost is higher, regardless of the shift, also only in its internal layout adjustment. And high-power three-phase UPS such as G7K products need to use the special test room, considering the displacement test room price is higher also, so the rest of the new high power three-phase UPS products such as G9K should and its neighbours. We can find that: 1, the production area according to the similarity classification arrangement, such as G7K and G9K project; 2, for the new product family design the reasonable space, such as G5K, PW, SW, etc; 3, finished product area from 300 square meters reduced to 230 square meters, saves 70 square meters; 4, the layout of considering the islanding, increased the production area of horizontal channel, shorten the personnel and material flow routes: straight channels at the same time, make the general layout more beautiful.
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