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by:Rigao      2020-05-10
The industry-leading multi-layer circuit board processing and manufacturing technology, purchasing top-level raw materials to create high-precision multi-layer PCB for you 1. The top technical team has rich production experience in precision multi-layer circuit boards, ☆ all members have 3- Professional and technical personnel with 12 years of PCB experience, exquisite technology, 8 industrial scientific and technological innovations, 20 PCB production technology innovations, effective optimization of product structure 2, leading process capabilities, meet the requirements of precision multi-layer PCB board making, ☆ maximum thickness-to-diameter ratio 10:1 maximum copper thickness 6OZ maximum working board size 2000x 610 ☆ thinnest 4-layer board 0. 33mm minimum mechanical hole/pad 0. 2/0. 40mm ☆ drilling accuracy /-0. 05mmPTH aperture tolerance /-0. 05mm ☆ minimum line width/line distance 0. 075/0. 075mm 3, advanced automatic production equipment and precision inspection equipment, ☆ equipped with a full set of surface treatment production lines for precision multilayer boards, ☆ the company introduced automatic v cutting machine, German press, Mitsubishi Laser drilling machine, hitachi mechanical drilling rig, fully automatic exposure machine, LDI, aoi☆ a few industries are equipped with a full set of surface treatment equipment ( Gold precipitation, silver precipitation, tin precipitation, OSP, tin spraying, gold plating, thick gold plating, tin plating, silver plating) Reduce the risk of outsourcing production for you 4. Strict quality control system to ensure the qualified rate of shipment quality is 100% ☆ strictly control according to IPC standard to ensure the qualified rate of shipment quality is 100% ☆ imported German advanced temperature cycle inspection equipment, ensure high reliability and stability of products, strictly implement quality PDCA process, and continuously improve product performance
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