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Any discount for large order pcba manufacturing process ?
By purchasing pcba manufacturing process in multiple case quantities, you may get an even better price than displayed on our quotation file. If the prices for bulk quantity are not listed on the offer file, please contact our Customer Service for an easy and simple discount request. Expect for bulk order discount, please contact our salesman, they will apply it for you, like first purchase discount and so on to giving fair pricing. You get the best customer service and product possible with our price.

Rigao Electronics is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of quality pcba manufacturing process . Rigao focuses on providing a variety of pcba manufacturing process for customers. Excellent craftsmanship: Rigao pcba manufacturing process is crafted with excellent craftsmanship which is a result of talents and skills. Its superior craftsmanship makes it high quality. The slim and super lightweight panel with compact design and delicate craftsmanship, offers a no delay or no chopping excellent writing and signing experience.

Customers are the key factor in our success, hence, in order to achieve better customer service, we are creating a new customer service process. This process will make the service process more exceptional and effective in handling customers' requirements and complaints.
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