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Application of PCB circuit board in products

by:Rigao      2019-12-29
In life, what products need PCB circuit boards? The first is electronic products that need integrated circuits: in order to save space, these electronic products make the products lighter, more durable and achieve good performance, it is necessary to eliminate the previous wire connection and switch to the printed circuit board. PCB has well met the requirements of space, performance and reliability. Not every electrical appliance needs a circuit board. Simple electrical appliances may not need circuits such as motors. However, electrical appliances with specific functions generally need circuit boards to realize many things, such as televisions, radios, computers, etc. There is also a PCB board at the bottom of the rice cooker, and also a governor in the fan. What kinds of products can be used in PCB board? PCB board generally refers to hard circuit board, which is mainly used in: computer motherboard mouse board, video card, office equipment, printer, copier, remote controller, all kinds of chargers, calculators, digital cameras, radios, TV mainboards, limited TV amplifiers, mobile phones, washing machines, electronic scales, telephones, LED lamps, etc. are used in household appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, stereos, MP3; Used in industrial equipment: GPS, cars, instrumentation, medical equipment, aircraft, military weapons, missiles, satellites, etc. Mobile phone motherboard, button board, is a hard Board; The connection cable of the slide phone or the flip phone is a soft board. The remote control is usually made of carbon film. From top to bottom, the mobile phone Board is a radio frequency circuit, a power supply circuit, an audio circuit, and a logic circuit. Generally, only the heated hot water bottle has no circuit board, and the wire bracket is directly connected. The water dispenser has a circuit board. Rice cookers generally have circuit boards, and induction cookers also have circuit boards. The circuit board of the electric fan generally has the functions of speed regulation, timing, display, etc. , and has no practical effect on the operation of the electric fan. Pineapple manufacturing platform focuses on fast proofing, customized service, online automatic quotation, the fastest 24-hour delivery of samples, providing engineers, makers and fast Research and Development customers with fast proofing service! Specific services include: 3d printing model, pcb proofing, smt patch proofing, steel mesh manufacturing, etc. It adopts first-class imported equipment such as Japan and Germany, and has an efficient production team for more than ten years to provide professional and rapid customized solutions for enterprises.
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