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As the product of lightweight, FPC application is also more and more, and part to replace the traditional PCB, but current FPC don't

by:Rigao      2020-05-02
Earlier always thought FPC design focus is to make the circuit wiring ( layout) Well, gold finger bolt-on version (below 加劲肋) Thickness, don't cry because it is too thick for FPC not cut into the connector ( 连接器) Or too BoSong is ok. Occasionally later found FPC have fracture, especially in the HotBar assignments, only to find that not all materials can be stacked in the same vertical plane cross section design, so as to disperse stress ( 压力) Concentrated, then find FPC copper foil with so-called rolling copper ( RA) And electrolytic copper ( ED) Of difference, choose the wrong copper foil will affect the life, the number of FPC bending and found that more than 2 rolling of copper in the conduction process will still be used when plating copper, let the rolling characteristics of the copper is almost gone. As if to say a lot of crap, along with the electronic products to do more and more small, FPC connector is becoming more and more small, although not FPC have become smaller, the feeling become big, because instead of part of the function of the PCB, and the line seems to have become dense, in addition, FPC connector and adjacent parts are also more and more and more near, relative to the FPC assembly in place is also becoming more and more difficult, does your company have any special design to help operators to confirm FPC installed to the position? What is the design or mistake proofing ( 万无一失) Can help operators to complete the installation of the FPC work easily? The following FPC design on many mobile phone design can actually see, just put it up for your reference, see if you have any other methods can be discussed. 1. Design the FPC line installation instructions
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