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Because of the difference of surface components and components on the species and assembly equipment and the different conditions, SMT assembly method is different, the needle

by:Rigao      2020-04-22
Mixed assembling single hybrid components, namely the SMC/SMD and hole components ( 17HC) Distribution in different sides of the PCB, but only on one side of the welding surface. This assembly adopts single sided PCB and wave soldering, Now with double wave soldering) There are two kinds of technology, the assembly way. 1, the first stick method: namely the PCB surface (B Welding surface) Mount SMC/SMD first, and then the a-side instrumentation THC. 2, after the stick method: after the post method is first in PCB a-side instrumentation THC, B side after SMT SMD. Two-sided assembly double mix assembly that SMC/SMD and THC distribution can be mixed on the same side of PCB, at the same time, the SMC/SMD can also be distributed in double sided PCB. Double mixed assembly using double-sided PCB, double wave soldering or reflow soldering. In the way of assembly also has to post of SMC/SMD or after the difference, generally according to the size of the type of SMC/SMD and PCB reasonable choice, usually USES the first method is more. The commonly used two kinds of assembly method of assembly: 1, SMC/SMD and FHC ipsilateral way: SMC/SMD with THC side of PCB. 2, SMC/SMD and iFHC located in different aspects: to integrate the SMT chip ( SMIC) And THC placed in A side of the PCB, SMC and small shape transistor ( 糊涂人) Placed on side B. In this type of component, the SMC/SMD mounted on the PCB side or both sides, and insert and assembly for surface mount component lead hard, so relatively high density assembly. Full surface mount full surface only SMC/SMD on the PCB assembly, no THC. As a result of current component has not yet been fully implemented in SMT, so not many forms in practice of assembly. This type of assembly usually use small spacing device and reflow soldering process in the fine line pattern PCB or ceramic substrate is carried out. It also has two assembly method: 1, single surface assembly method: using single sided PCB in a single assembly SMC/SMD. 2, double-sided surface assembly method: using double-sided PCB assemble at two sides, SMC/SMD, higher density assembly.
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