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Bom ( 物料清单BOM) , the use of computer aided enterprise production management, to make the first

by:Rigao      2020-03-25
In the electronic assembly plant, according to customer order, before production BOM list will be confirmed. Although so, still appear many production, frequent fault is expected to reverse, and so on questions. Now we according to their own factory production experience, to provide some Suggestions with respect to the BOM list to proofread, allows you to maximize avoid PCBA production risk. 1, first of all, you can create a material code system, formulate after coding is the uniqueness of identification, has the function of classification and sorting. In the BOM list, check that the component code is consistent, it should also add a clear and clear description. Description should include the parts type, size, SMT and through hole, and so on. This can make people understand material related situation at a glance; 2, responsibility to the people. Company of BOM listing proofreading and material check member responsibilities, as long as the wrong, be in charge of by them. With those responsible can set a layer of security to BOM list, with employee psychological sense of responsibility, also can effectively reduce the BOM list error; 3, now many companies have ERP system, BOM list with the ERP system, data warehousing, data entry should be from easy to difficult, from the whole to scatter, mass orders will first put in storage, then is the small batch sheet production related data, can be adjusted automatically according to the requirements of the management school order. 4, of course, you also need to confirm your BOM list of materials is a can buy sex, make sure to buy to ensure production. Above we summarize experience, you can according to oneself circumstance to adopt. Also welcome to put forward better Suggestions.
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