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Braised don general procedure and xia CB components fast rotation PCB prototype design just 24 hours

by:Rigao      2019-12-07
Rigao Electronics provides Quick Turn PCB Assembly and rapid PCB prototype for your research project. As a one-stop PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly supplier, Rigao Electronics provides high-quality Quick Turn PCB assembly service solutions that can assemble PCB to your specifications in just 72 hours. Fast rotation of PCB components, fast rotation of PCB prototype design only takes 24 hours, Huaqiang PCB 1. The rapid rotation PCB prototype design takes only 24 hours. At Rigao Electronics, we understand that speed is an important part of the modern business equation. Quick Turn PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services are the foundation of our business. Our experienced manufacturing staff are ready and willing to 'follow' for your new product introduction (NPI) , PCB prototype design, breadboard and modeling & amp; Engineering requirements. If you have an electronic project that needs to be completed in a hurry, Rigao Electronics is your best choice. We have the function of quickly turning to PCB, which can meet your difficult project deadline. We have established relevant procedures to ensure that your PCB order is accelerated throughout the process from quotation to shipment. Like all our other services, our fast turn process is all done under one roof without outsourcing. Rigao Electronics is proud to be able to provide all customers with fast-switching PCB services, including comprehensive certification of national defense, industrial and automotive products. Our fast conversion PCB boards are processed quickly without sacrificing the high quality expected by Rigao Electronics customers. 1. PCB manufacturing takes only 24 hours ( Single-sided PCB/double-sided PCB, 4-layer PCB)2. Interactive digital system to ensure quick quotation, order entry, engineering, tools, manufacturing, testing and transportation 3. All Under One Roof of standard PCB processing and manufacturing 4. Total PCB manufacturing control build time and product quality 2. Quick Turn electronic components are purchased for assembly, Quick rotation of PCB components, and Quick rotation of PCB prototype design takes only 24 hours, the procurement of electronic components assembled by Huaqiang PCB requires an average of about 10 to 12 purchase orders to cooperate with Rigao Electronics. We solve this problem by establishing and maintaining good relations with major parts distributors: Digikey, mouser, Newark and Arrow. The business relationship we have established can ensure the best service for our customers. What does this mean to your business? You are now free to focus on your core competitiveness, such as product development, sales, marketing, supply chain management, etc. 1. Strong alliance with major parts distributors 2. Prototype and production quantity welcome to 3. Quick purchase available 4. A large discount of 5. Global network, access to international stocks 6. Internal inventory- Common values, tolerances and dimensions of passive equipment in stock, whether Rigao Electronics purchases your electronic components (All or part), Or you provide a shipping kit (All or part). You are fully satisfied with the professional electronic component purchasing service of our material management team. 3. Fast Rotating PCB components

based on fast PCB manufacturing and fast component purchasing support, we can ensure the production of pcb components. Our PCB assembly delivery time is the shortest in the industry. For prototype PCB, our delivery time is 24/48 hours or 5/10 days. For small batch production orders, you can choose a delivery time of 10,15 or 20 days. For medium batch production orders, we offer 15 days, 20 days or 25 days. Using the most advanced surface mount and through hole equipment, we can assemble a variety of PCB, including SMT, through hole and hybrid technology. We also conducted BGA rework and X-ray testing. We can use surface mount packages to assemble single-sided or double-sided PCB. Rigao Electronics can take on all aspects of the prototype PCB assembly process, or we can bring your kit and documents and start using them. We provide our own custom circuit board manufacturing capabilities (12 years PCB manufacturing experience); We can provide some or all parts; We can even help change the design and layout. In addition, we can transfer your prototype to short-term production or batch commitment, or we can transfer it to full production through our batch production partners.

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