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By rapidly toward miniaturization and electronic products are continuous and muti_function change, the size of the PCB constantly decreases, and makes the PCB assembly

by:Rigao      2020-03-30
PCB buried resistor is mainly used for surface cannot layout or improve the condition of signal, fine degree of general resistance tolerance control less than & plusmn; 10%. Buried resistor possesses advantages of five aspects. ( 1) In the high density/the advantages of high-speed transmission circuit design. 一个。 To improve the impedance matching of the line, b。 Shorten the path of signal transmission and reduce the parasitic inductance; c。 Eliminates the SMT or instrumentation process of impedance; d。 To reduce signal crosstalk, noise and electromagnetic interference. ( 2) Resistance in alternative pasted on the advantage. 一个。 Reduce the passive components, to improve the density of the active components in; b。 Because of reduced the guide hole, so improves the panel wiring; c。 For reducing the welding points, so improve the stability of the electric parts after assembly. ( 3) After the integration of buried resistor in stability advantages. 一个。 Buried after psychro-thermal cycles resistance loss is low, approximately 50 x10, six power and other discrete resistor yuan is a loss for 100? 300 minus six power; b。 Under the condition of 110 degrees c for 10000 h after resistance increases around 2%; c。 To test the stability in a wide range, and less than 20 GHZ. ( 4) As long as its overall dimensions can be easily synthesized all kinds of resistance, and can match the line impedance between completely. ( 5) In the design of high density of discrete resistor components, by adopting the technology of buried resistor, can reduce PCB layer number and size, lower the quality of the PCB and the manufacturing cost.
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