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Circuit board maintenance is a new repair industry. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment is getting higher and higher, so the industrial control boards of various industries

by:Rigao      2020-05-10
Almost all circuit board maintenance has no drawing materials, so many people are skeptical about circuit board maintenance, although various circuit boards vary widely, however, what remains unchanged is that each circuit board is composed of various integrated blocks, resistors, capacitors and other devices, so the damage of the circuit board must be caused by the damage of one or some of the devices, the idea of circuit board maintenance is based on the above factors. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts: inspection and maintenance, of which inspection occupies a very important position. Check and test the basic knowledge of each device on the circuit board until the bad parts are found and replaced, then a circuit board is repaired. Circuit board detection is the process of finding, determining and correcting each electronic component fault on the circuit board. In fact, the whole testing process is a thinking process and a testing process that provides logical reasoning clues. Therefore, testing engineers must gradually accumulate experience in the process of circuit board maintenance, testing and overhaul, constantly improve the level. General electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components. During maintenance and overhaul, it will be very time-consuming to find problems by directly testing and checking each component in the circuit board one by one, it is also very difficult to implement. Then the maintenance method from the fault phenomenon to the fault cause is an important maintenance method. As long as the circuit board detects the problem, maintenance is easy. The above is an introduction to the basic knowledge of circuit board maintenance.
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