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Circuit board manufacturers take you to understand the circuit board bending design

by:Rigao      2020-02-18
When purchasing circuit boards, you will find that the general circuit boards are designed in bending, so why are circuit boards often designed in bending? When designing the circuit board, if the circuit is designed in a straight line, the area of the circuit board will increase several times. Even if the circuit board is designed as a straight line regardless of the size of the circuit board, it will cause other problems. In the circuit board, the circuit will definitely need to turn. If we design the circuit in the circuit board into a straight line, then the angle of the turn will reach 90 degrees. Because the circuit is easily reflected when turning at 90 degrees, such a circuit board can be easily broken during production. The circuit on the circuit board is designed to bend in order to ensure the stability of the signal. The design of the circuit board is a kind of technical activity. Only by adopting the corresponding design can the stability of the signal be ensured. Only when the signal is not disturbed can the chip on the circuit board work normally. Therefore, the circuit board is designed to bend, which can not only reduce the circuit board size, but also has more outstanding performance.
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