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Connecting conductors and circuit components on printed circuit boards in printed circuit board in almost all are widely used in electronic equipment. PCB assembly before

by:Rigao      2020-04-02
The conductor on the circuit board and circuit component interconnection of printed circuit boards are widely used in almost all electronic devices. PCB assembly during water intrusion can increase the fault number of times in the process of assembly, and reduce the circuit components and their life. The effects of uncontrolled moisture in printed circuit board ( PCB) Assembly and manufacturing process of exposure to high humidity, cause: micro corrosion adhesion failure surface defects to reduce the performance of the circuit board. Increased resistance to reduce the cause of the capacitance uncontrolled moisture electronic compounds were installed and interconnected to form a circuit. These calculations have hygroscopicity and absorb water and cut off in the micro electric line bridge, resulting in failure of circuit. General advice PCB components relative humidity in the clean room must be kept at 20% at 20 ° C temperature - 35%RH。 Dehumidifier dehumidifier solution workshop workshop in these precision, high quality electronic printed circuit board manufacturing, assembly and storage provides ideal low humidity environment, because they are able to keep RH in low to 1% or less of a constant level, regardless of how the environmental conditions.
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