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Electronic products used in everyday life, only at the line of substrate bearing, complete the interconnections between electronic components. In the electronic products processing

by:Rigao      2020-03-27
印刷电路板; Printed circuit board, Chinese name is called Printed circuit board, also known as Printed circuit boards, Printed circuit board, is an important electronic components, electronic components to support the body, is the carrier of electronic electrical connection. PCB assembly process including SMT surface element ( SMT) , plug-in components assembly ( DP) , product electrical performance test ( 测试) , product packaging, 包) Several main processes such as, the following to differentiate from the PCB assembly process and environmental requirements, etc. The classification of the PCB assembly process in the electronics assembly industry, in the form of electronic components on the PCB assembly, PCB assembly technology is divided into surface patch and double column type element insert two process. In the real work, the enterprise in order to guarantee the assembly quality of the products and for effective protection of electronic products, in addition to the above two kinds of process called assembly technique, and combined with the test, and packaging process, and the combination of the four process called PCB assembly process. 1, SMT SMD surface-mount technology: the PCB surface electronic components welding process is completed. Companies usually for automatic equipment for production operations, is the most important part of the whole assembly process. 2, DIP encapsulation dual-in-line component welding process: components in the assembly, components throughout the PCB, lead to is on the back of the line to connect, usually for manual operation in the enterprise. 3, TEST electronic product electrical performance testing process: according to the production of various electronic products, corresponding to the actual electricity using simulation TEST, it is the key to product market quality guarantee. 4, PACKAGE electronics packaging technology: electronics and its subsidiary accessories to consolidate, often use carton for packaging carton type, in order to protect the product, storage and promote sales. Reading ( )
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