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Every circuit designers on the circuit board area estimation will probably have a own method to analysis

by:Rigao      2020-04-23
Here, I only have no estimate formula of PCB designers with a template, for your reference. Estimates for circuit board area, need to know some necessary coefficient. 1, circuit board assembly area required for the production of assembly when the coefficient of components assembly = & Sigma; Coefficient of element area x assembly manual insert: artificial to plug-in, consider to stay the finger gap of the activity this time. 2, circuit coefficient minimum line width and spacing of coefficient. The greater the coefficient, the bigger the show board area. Coefficient of high voltage circuit = high tension line width coefficient x high tension line spacing coefficient coefficient of low voltage circuit = line width coefficient x power line width coefficient x GND line width coefficient x low-tension wire spacing factor of 3, 4 layer coefficient, circuit board design area calculation formula of components assembly area = element assembly area + high-pressure area of low pressure area element assembly area of low pressure area of the element assembly area = low pressure assembly area and the area of the x coefficient of low voltage circuit. High pressure area of the element assembly area = high pressure area of the element assembly area and the coefficient of x high voltage circuit. Other area designated assembly ban area usually final assembly area of the circuit board of the estimated area = element assembly area x + assembly forbidden area the assembly layer coefficient limit coefficient = PCB estimate area/PCB specified area is 1 or less, usually 0. 8 the following, or easier to layout element position. Specific examples, please reference: case 1 board area estimation and element assembly area element method for calculating the individual area, according to the components on the circuit board into rectangular and circular projection simply. X, y represent the rectangular element length and width, d represents the diameter of the circular element 2, here because it involves the low-voltage circuit coefficient, coefficient of circuit was only a low voltage circuit part coefficient of 1. 1025 3, layer coefficient of components assembly area x = 565 x 1 layer coefficient. 1025 x 1 material di usually assembly forbidden area estimates for 684, 630 ( Only when the 630 spin-off of 30 mm x 21 mm, other split will get different estimates. ) To calculate plus 3 mm, each side of the component area is prohibited. ( 36× 27- 630). X 2 x 2 here because circuit board are set for components on both sides of forbidden area. The estimated size of the circuit board is 1350 ( About 1314 integer) 1314 = 684 + 630 PCB design feasible area, coefficient of 0. 8, 1350/0. 8 = 1687. 5 material 1700 was the area of speaking, this design is relatively loose some. Can take to and product design personnel for 50 mm in length, the width is 34 mm board face. If not allowed on product design, it will have to tighten their belts, is set to 0. 9, or 1. So the coefficient of more than 1 can, also can barely, need element position and wiring to spend more time and energy. In addition, according to the estimated area of the circuit board, PCB inspection product designers to give the circuit board size requirement is reasonable.
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