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Good price of PCB, word of mouth good PCBA OEM generation of materials

by:Rigao      2020-04-13
Management, the switch system and test access jig five subsystems, and the user interface, the circuit to be tested components, etc. Computer control system including computer hardware, all kinds of communication interface, test running software module, graphical user interface, peripherals, etc. Measuring subsystem is online testing system in all kinds of program-controlled measuring instrument, auxiliary test module, measured circuit component responses is incentive means of detection, the subsystem test data directly sent to test run the software, and comparison with data of test standard. Motivation also some SPC source subsystem, such as power supply, integrated generator. Counter and so on, the test according to the control instruction programming automatically choose to adapt themselves to the test of excitation load components to the circuit under test. Switch system is mainly based on programming instructions to control the system automatically through to choose test channel, a load excitation, access to the measuring subsystem, through to test the needle bed and the role of the probe. A good online test equipment should have a concise, simple, intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface, online testing equipment are basically has used the Windows operating system and test system debug programming. These devices can be in programming, through the graphical interface according to the view object selection of appropriate test channel. At the same time observing test of excitation and response waveform. Above is the SMT processing electronics for you share the SMT processing related contents about the basic component of ICT, hope for your help, to learn more about SMT processing knowledge, welcome to visit. A typical vector test method has the following kinds: ( 1) Semiconductor junction ( P-n junction) Testing is currently the vast majority of digital integrated circuit, which can consider the internal core function and the input and output pins, factors of protection measures, such as antistatic in semiconductor device design, the forming stage in the chip pins formed between two specific PN junction and series resistance. Good price of PCB, word of mouth good PCBA OEM generation of concrete material has two kinds of assembly way. ( 1) First method. Assembly way called first stick method, namely the PCB surface (B Welding surface) Mount SMC/SMD first, and then the a-side instrumentation THC. ( 2) After the method. Stick method after the second mode of assembly is called, is first in A PCB surface instrumentation THC, after in surface mount SMDo2 B. Double mixed assembling the second type is double hybrid assembly. SMC/SMD and THC distribution can be mixed on the same side of PCB, at the same time, the SMC/SMD can also be distributed in double sided PCB. Double mixed assembly using double-sided PCB, double wave soldering or reflow soldering. In the way of assembly also has to post of SMC/SMD or after the difference, generally according to the size of the type of SMC/SMD and PCB reasonable choice, usually USES the first method is more. The commonly used two kinds of assembly assembly way. ( DSMC/SMD and THC way on the same side. Table 2 - 1 listed in the third, SMC/SMD with THC side of PCB. ( 2) SMC/SMD and THC different side. Table 2 - 1 listed in the fourth, the surface mount integrated chip ( SMIC) And THC on the PCB of A surface, but the SMC and small outline transistor ( 糊涂人) On the B side. Good price of PCB, word of mouth good PCBA OEM generation of this kind of packaging way because in single-side or double-side PCB SMT SMC/SMD, and put hard surface level of leaded components insertion assembly, so very high density assembly. 3. The failure surface of the third class is full surface mount assembly, on the PCB only SMC/SMD components without THCo, the current is still not fully realizing the SMT, the assembly in the actual application form. This kind of PCB assembly method is generally in the thin line graphics or ceramic substrate, using fine pitch components and reflow welding process for assembly. It also has two assembly way. ( 1) Single surface assembly way. Table 2 - And the fifth way that the listed in 1 way. 5. Proofing fee: SMT processing orders a for SMT proofing orders within 100 pieces, the board, to the difficulty of the application time, computer line in different time, charge a cost 800 yuan to 3000 yuan. 6. Stencil fee: according to the size of the PCB board, a different type of steel mesh. According to the precision of the PCBA board chip, chose the electrolytic polishing of steel net or the ordinary steel net. Different steel net type category steel net charge probably between 120 ~ 350. Of course, customers can also provide the stencil. This paper released by SMT processing factory to sort, this does not mean that the company offers. Good price of PCB, word of mouth good PCBA OEM generation expected good PCB price, word of mouth is good PCBA OEM generation more than expected by SMT electronic for you to share the patch processing factory about SMT processing points and cost calculation method of the related content, hope to help you, learn more about SMT processing knowledge, welcome to visit. SMT processing various influences on the efficiency, for example if the overall production, many SMT production lines, can also improve production speed, but the cost is increasing, now the electronics industry competition degree is hard to imagine, how in under the condition of existing SMT production line, improve the rate of patch, to win customer satisfaction, is the fundamental,.
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