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by:Rigao      2020-04-07
, people skills, adhering to the 'people-oriented, the statue of respecting the customers' business philosophy and integrity, innovation, harmony and win-win spirit of enterprise, with exquisite technology, advanced equipment, strict quality inspection, scientific management, reasonable prices wholeheartedly provide customers from product development, schematic design, copy board, production debugging, such as one-stop service. Welcome to the guidance of domestic and foreign businessmen to work or to inquire. In the actual execution time really hard to achieve full parallel with isometric, but still want to try to do it. In addition to this, you can set aside difference termination and common-mode termination, to mitigate the impact on the timing and signal integrity. Simulation of the power source of filtering is often use LC circuit. But why sometimes LC than RC filtering effect is poor? LC was compared with the RC filtering effect must be taken into account to filter out the proper frequency and the inductance value choice. Because the inductance of the impedance ( 电抗) Size is associated with inductance and frequency. If the power supply of low frequency noise, and inductance value is not big enough, the filtering effect may not be the RC. However, using the RC filter resistance itself is the price of energy consumption, low efficiency, and attention should be paid to the selected can withstand the power of the resistance. Good wiring according to the flow of signals using the straight line, you need to turn to complete 45 ° line or the circular arc curve, which reduces the high frequency signal launch and mutual coupling. The high frequency signal wiring should be as short as possible. According to the working frequency of the circuit, reasonably choosing the length of the signal wiring, so can reduce the distribution parameters, reduce the wastage of the signal. Make double panel, wiring on adjacent level vertical, diagonal or curved intersect each other. Avoid parallel to each other, so that we can reduce the mutual interference and parasitic coupling. Drilling, milling covering membrane and enhance the processing conditions, such as the plate shape are basically the same, but because of the soft and flexible PCB material used in adhesives, so very easy to adhere to the drill bit, need frequent state inspection of drilling, but also to appropriately increase the speed of the bit. For multi-layer flexible printed circuit board or multilayer take special care and soft PCB drilling. Punching, punching small aperture is not new technology for mass production for use. Because the take-up process is continuous production, using punching processing volume with hole is also have a lot of examples. 8 mm holes, compared with nc drilling machine drilling processing cycle is long and need manual operation, due to the large size to early process, the punching mould accordingly, so the mold price is very expensive, although mass production to reduce the cost advantage, but the burden of equipment depreciation is big, small batch production and flexibility can't compete with CNC drilling, so still can't popularity. , products are widely used in computers, communication, automobile, yi therapy devices, photoelectric instruments and meters and other fields, customers in all over the world such as North America, Europe, the business covers: PCB, PCBAssembly, blind hole buried single PCB PCB circuit boards, countersunk hole, rigidpcb, circuit boards, PCB circuit board of medium and small batch, fast PCB after welding, FR4PCB circuit board, LED light plate, steel net, FPC soft plate, surface plating nickel PCB, circuit board PCB, double side PCB, LED PCB batch, PCB circuit board, HDI impedance, lead-free PCB board, impedance circuit boards, cheap LED lights article aluminum plate, mottled ink PCB circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB thermal resistance aluminum strip plate, PCB board, high-frequency board PCB, double-sided fiberglass plate, carbon oil circuit board, the sun PCB ink, no halogen PCB circuit boards, high-precision circuit board, HDI boards, heavy gold PCB, PCB line halogen free spray tin plate, PCB circuit board PCB, multilayer glass fiber PCB line, ROHS PCB, double-sided PCB, etc. Along with the rapid development of domestic electronic technology at the same time, the electronic products tend to be small to carry, multi-function, from single to double panels, laminated panel development, high precision, high reliability and complex become a big trend in the development of PCB. Carrier is the necessary equipment and electrical and software, different PCB material applied on different equipment, raw materials for PCB is still can be seen everywhere in our daily life, that is the glass fiber and resin. Combining glass fiber with resin, hardening, became a kind of heat insulation, insulation, and does not easily bend plate, this is the PCB substrate. Traditional just flexible plate is made from rigid and flexible substrate has a choice of formation pressure together. Structure closely to metallization away L form electrical connection. If a PCB is, opposite element, just flexible plate is a good choice. But if all the components are on one side, selects the double flexible plate, and on the back of the laminated layer on FR4 reinforced material, will be more economic. Hybrid structure is a kind of sandwich plate, flexible circuit conductive layer made of different metals. Use FR - a eight layer plate 4 used as inner lining of the medium, polyimide as outer medium, out from three different direction of the main board, lead each wire made of different metals. Constantan alloy, copper and gold respectively as the lead alone. This kind of hybrid structure is mostly used in electrical signal conversion and relationship and performance of heat transformation has a tough low temperatures, is currently the led PCB manufacturer is the only feasible solution. ( 8) For high-speed analog signal, according to its length of connection and communication of high frequency, transmission technology is necessary. Even the low frequency signal, the use of transmission technology can also improve its anti-interference, but there is no correct matching transmission line will produce a antenna effect. ( 9) Avoid the use of high impedance input or output, they is very sensitive to the electric field. ( 10) As most of the radiation is generated by common-mode voltage and current, and because most environmental electromagnetic interference are common mode, therefore in the analog circuits using the sending and receiving balance ( Differential mode) Technology will have very good EMC effect, but also reduce crosstalk. Balancing circuit ( The differential circuit) Driver will not use 0 v reference system as the return current loop, so you can avoid large current loop, thus reducing the RF radiation. ( 11) The comparator must have a lag ( Positive feedback) To prevent errors generated because of the noise and interference of output transformation, oscillation can also prevent the breaking point. Do not use more quickly than need comparator ( Hold the dV/dt at meet to yi hao fast electron has trained a professional team engaged in PCB processing. The sound from the market development, engineering design, manufacture, quality assurance, after-sales service network management system. Successively won the UL certification, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification. Founded in August 1998, after 10 years of unremitting efforts and perfect, has developed into a professional production of high-precision single and double side, multi-layer circuitry board domestic enterprises. Covering film to open Windows processing, but cannot be processed immediately after out from cold storage, especially when the environment of high temperature and large temperature difference, the condensation water on the surface, when the basement membrane is polyimide, in a short period of time also can absorption of moisture, impact on process will be. Commonly so roll cladding is sealed in the polyethylene plastic bags, should not be opened immediately after out of the cold storage bags, and should be put in the bag for several hours, when the temperature reached at room temperature, from sealing bag can remove the cladding process. 5, alternative techniques should be considered the main factors should be considered when choosing what exactly alternative technologies use factor is various, and often mutually restricted, so should set out from their own specific situation, comprehensive consideration to find a suitable alternative technologies. Should take into account the factors mainly include the following items: 5. 1 electronic products considering the importance of electronic products and its requirement for the quality of cleaning: generally the higher the importance of electronic products, it also the higher requirement for the quality of cleaning, such as used in the satellite, aerospace instrumentation, undersea telecommunications, involves the equipment of the electronic products of life, require very high reliability, and lifestyle products, the reliability of the general industrial supplies request was much lower. The led circuit board assembly factory
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