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How are materials used by Rigao Electronics for producing printed circuit fabrication ?
Rigao Electronics regards the controlling of quality of materials as important as the controlling of quality of finished products. Materials used in printed circuit fabrication are supplied by reliable partners and tested by our professional team. The use of materials is considered during the certification.

Rigao is a children's creative printed circuit fabrication enterprise centered on design, R&D and brand operation. Rigao focuses on providing a variety of printed circuit fabrication for customers. The product comes with essential features like Plug and Play option and USB connections, which are both PC and Mac compatible. This product is for all seasons. Its material is more tightly woven and heavier in weight, making it delightfully soft and cozy - ideal for year-round comfort.

Our goal is to improve the work environment for our people by promoting a safe and healthy workplace, reducing risks, preventing diseases and fostering their physical and psychological well-being.
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