Rigao Pcba Specialized in Turn-Key Electronics, pcb printed circuit boards manufacturing Since 2006.

How did the partners speak of Rigao Electronics?
The company partners such as material suppliers and product buyers all talk highly of Rigao Electronics. We provide assistance through the material check and make payment to material suppliers in time. The product delivery is carried out as planned and in order, making sure the on-time shipping and goods in great terms.

Rigao ​​is a brand that serves customers with Printed Circuit Board wholeheartedly. Rigao focuses on providing a variety of pcb assembly for customers. This product eliminates the flicker and flashing screen problems depending on the backlight technology used in its LCD screen. It can be designed with woven patterns which are often intricately detailed, allowing it to add a touch of color and decor to the room.

We are aware of the importance of responsibility. We are committed to corporate social responsibility, working with various social and environmental institutions to encourage socially responsible practices.
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