Rigao Pcba Specialized in Turn-Key Electronics, pcb printed circuit boards manufacturing Since 2006.

How is the quality of circuit board assembly ?
Quality is a promise made by Rigao Electronics. It is believed that quality is the only way for circuit board assembly to remain competitive. Quality control is a necessity during the production. Several well experienced employees are ready to test the finished products. Advanced quality test devices are introduced to work together with the QCs so as to 100% and 360° control the quality.

Rigao has decades of successful experience in circuit board assembly marketing and development. Rigao focuses on providing a variety of circuit board assembly for customers. Perfect design: the design of Rigao circuit board assembly is carefully conducted. Its design has been proven to be a perfect combination of aesthetics and functions. This product is environmental-friendly. It can be used and erased thousands of times without generating any pollution to the land and water source.

To achieve our sustainability, we consciously avoid critical substances in new products and exclude hazardous substances from our supply chain.
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