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How many years of experience does Rigao Electronics have in using X-RAY inspection?
Since the creation, Rigao Electronics has been trying to constantly enhance and diversify our capabilities to manufacture PCB boards and pcb assembly, Rigao has been in using X-Ray inspectning BGA components since 2010 . For years, we have been digging into more efficient and advanced ways to save the production time and manual labor used in the production process. We purchase high-end machines to ensure high-efficiency work, optimize production techniques to ensure the finished products catching up with the trends, and employ experienced workers to ensure high-precision manufacturing. In this way, customers can surely get the most cost-effective products from us.

Rigao is an international X-RAY company with extensive experience. Rigao focuses on providing a variety of X-RAY for customers. Built with high quality materials and designed to make the most of the amazing ergonomic design, it exclusively gives users the perfect writing and drawing space. This product is soft, silky and sensuous, making itself a must for the romantic or sexy bedroom. People can choose this one if they want the utmost in luxury.

Our philosophy is to provide services of the highest quality to long-term customers. We play an active role with clients in providing solutions and cost benefits that are of mutual benefit to our company and our clients.
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