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However, due to the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008 and the European debt crisis in 2012, the Global PCB industry has gone through a difficult period

by:Rigao      2020-05-12
If you want the current on the FPC to pass 1A, you need to walk the wire to a width of more than 1mm and use more than 3 Plug-In pins. It should be noted that not only the power cord, but also the ground wire should be thick! The power supply and the ground wire occupy 3 pins respectively. PCB price the focus of global PCB industry has further shifted to Asia, and we will usher in a brand-new development opportunity. However, due to the gradual narrowing of advantages such as cost and market, domestic PCB enterprises will face more fierce market competition. Circuit boards can be called printed circuit boards or printed circuit boards, and their English names are ( Printed Circuit Board)PCB, ( Flexible Printed Circuit board)FPC circuit board [1] The price of PCB board needs to be specially indicated for the position of gold finger or connector, and FPC factory is required to give priority to guarantee the accuracy to 0. Below 05mm, ensure the assembly yield of mass production. FPC can't be a multi-layer, one-layer or two-layer line FPC like a circuit board. If you want to shield the signal line, you need a shielding film. ( FPC circuit board, also known as flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film. This type is manufactured on a flexible insulating substrate, and its finished product is specified to be flexible. This structure usually bonds the two ends of many single-sided or double-sided microstrip flexible PCB together. FPC is generally not used to take RF lines because 50ohm impedance is difficult to control, the RF line should be specially connected with coaxial cable. But for Mipi, HDMI, USB and Other 75- For the 150ohm impedance matching line, the FPC process description also needs to be specially indicated. The FPC manufacturer calculates the line width and line distance according to the base material used by itself, so that the impedance meets the requirements and the integrity of the high-speed signal is improved. PCB board price, but its central part is not bonded together, thus having high flexibility. In order to have a high degree of flexibility, a thin and suitable coating, such as polyimide, can be used on the wire layer instead of a thicker laminated coating.
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