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by:Rigao      2020-04-12
Switching power supply of the PCB from the beginning! PCB is used for electronic components electrical connection together and provide mechanical support of circuit board. As the number of switch power supply PCB very much, including SMT components, processor resistor, capacitor, diode, LED, etc. The use of conductive path line, the welding plate and one or more of the other features of the copper layer etching to connect these components. This/these copper layer is laminated to the dielectric substrate layer and/or between layers. Online test application works, namely the white box testing. Here, we use electronic probe check fill the PCB short circuit of switching power supply, open circuit, resistance, capacitance and other basic quality. This will display board manufacturing. There are two kinds of the implementation of information and communication technologies, one is our theme: nail bed jig and ICT set without installation. Traditionally used in switching power supply 'nail bed' test of PCB need custom fixture to fixed PCBA and contact with PCBA spring needle. Just like the real world of nail bed, the spring needle device includes a series of small spring type. Every spring needles and equipment connected to a node in the circuit to be tested. Like a switch power supply PCB assembly, such As how to join the flying probe test, PCB assembly facilities in the flying probe tester, As with the trend of the complexity of circuit board to continue to exist, they challenge the traditional function of tester and even beyond. Flying needle detector to expand the advantage of online testing to not be able to use this kind of nail bed, is too long to build or is too expensive to prove the application.
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