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In PCB industry, we often come into contact with a lot of professional English vocabulary, this is some of the common English words, you are

by:Rigao      2020-04-05
1: FPC FPC is also called the flexible circuit board, soft board, with the high density of wiring, light weight, the characteristics of the thickness of thin, is a kind of highly reliable, flexible printed circuit board. 2: Rogers Rogers board is a kind of high frequency board, excellent dielectric constant and the temperature stability, very suitable for high speed design and commercial microwave and radio frequency applications. 3: HDI HDI is the abbreviation of high-density interconnect, high-density interconnect is a printed circuit board ( Technology) , it USES the distribution of micro blind hole technology high density circuit board. 4: electromagnetic compatibility EMC EMC test, also known as ( EMC) Refers to the size in the electromagnetic field interference of electronic products ( EMI) And anti-interference ability, EMS) Comprehensive assessment, and is one of the most important index of electromagnetic compatibility test. Product quality and electromagnetic compatibility measurement is composed of test site and test instrument. 5: pcblayout layout is the meaning of the layout, therefore refers to the layout of the printed circuit board PCB layout and wiring. PCB design needs with the help of computer aided design to implementation, because the SI simulation, simulation of PI, EMC design, veneer process need to be closely integrated into the design process, and in order to implement quality control, in order to increase the evaluation of each node link, the actual PCB design process is much more complex. 6: TG TG is refers to the glassy state transformation temperature, is refers to the glass temperature of the glass at high temperature, TG general sheet is larger than 130 ℃, high TG sheet is generally greater than 170 ℃, medium TG sheet is about 150 degrees C. 7:FR - 4 fr - 4 is to use THE PCB substrate, is a kind of plate. Features: has high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistant, and good processability. 8: SMT SMT is a kind of surface mount technology ( 表面安装技术) That is one of the most popular technology in electronic assembly industry. In PCB SMT patch is based on a series of processing. 9: DIP two serial encapsulation, referred to as DIP or DIL, is a form of IC packaging. DIP packaging components can be through the hole welding to printed circuit boards, can also be inserted into the DIP socket. 10: PCBA PCBA is short for printed circuit board assembly, which means that the PCB bare board through SMT or DIP plug-in ( Called the PCBA) The whole process.
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