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In the field of electronic miniaturization, lightweight, functional diversification is the driving force and source of SMB development, its typical examples for mobile phones

by:Rigao      2020-03-31
Technology, but also promote the SMB manufacturing technology towards the following direction: ( 1) High precision. ( 2) High density. Imm ( 3) 6 mm ( 6 mm) ( 4) Horizon type sandwich plate ( 屁股) 。 LMM laminated type thin high-density interconnect sandwich plate. The current of the world's advanced level is 30 ~ 50 layer. ( 5) The application of flexible plate increases. ( 6) Ceramic substrates in MCM and system-level encapsulation ( SP) In a wide range of applications. ( 7) Along with the electronic products to the short, small, light, thin and multifunctional direction, the size of the PCB shrinking and more to more thickness, layer number increasing, wiring density is higher and higher, make the PCB manufacturing difficulty is also growing. ( 8) Surface coating ( Plating) To meet the requirements of high density, lead-free.
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