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In the ISO 9000 series standards, quality management system clearly put forward a number of key elements and the corresponding standards, in the actual production activities, both has effective operational

by:Rigao      2020-04-04
1. SMT production process: refers to the SMT production process is reflected in the form of process documentation and use of production equipment and production tools, to processing or processing of all kinds of raw materials, semi-finished products, make it become the qualified products. SMT process management SMT process management refers to the mode of production and in certain conditions, according to certain principles, standards, procedures and methodologies to plan, organize, coordinate and control the whole process of each process work. SMT process management involves the development of SMT products manufacture, production, technical improvement and promotion, safety, etc. It includes process planning, process development, the work of production preparation, production technology management, technological achievements of the declaration, evaluation and rewards, technology standardization, etc. Specific content. MT technological process was: PCB quality from each shipment or a particular batch number, take a sample to test its soldering. The PCB manufacturing plants with the supply of the product data and compared the quality of the calibration standard for IPC. The next step is to solder paste printing to welding welding mat back, if is to use organic flux, needs to be clean to remove residues. In the assessment of the quality of solder joint together, also should evaluate the PCB together in experience back after welding appearance and dimension. The same inspection method also can be used in wave soldering process. SMT process process 2: assembly process to carry out this process includes for each machine, with the naked eye and active visual equipment for continuous monitoring. For example, advocates to use laser to scan every PC board face on the volume of solder paste printing. SMT process process 3: slender pin pitch skills slender pin pitch and manufacturing assembly is a leading packaging concept. Density of components and mixed and disorderly degree is greater than the current market mainstream product, if want to enter during the mass production, it is necessary to revising some parameters of the rear can put into production line. Welding pad appearance is generally follow the IPC - scale and distance SM- 782 a standard. In order to reach the demand on the process, however, some of the welding pad shape and dimension are and with a little of this standard. The solder pad dimensions for wave soldering are generally slightly larger, so that I can have more of flux and solder. On some generally keep in the process of admissible error upper and lower adjacent components, moderate adjustment of solder pad dimensions has its necessary. SMT process four: the process of test and repair the general test of small things on the table are used to detect the missing component, or process is one of the appropriate inaccuracy and time-consuming, test method when it is necessary to describe thinking in. For example, if you want to use, the ICT test is thinking on depicting some probes can touch the test points. Test system with prior written procedures, can try to test to the function of each component, can be said that a component is a problem or fault, and can distinguish the solder contacts can be distinguished. On the fault detection should also contain components contact between the short circuit, and the empty welding between the pin and the welding pad surface. ICT test is a product in accordance with the don't have to make different smelting equipment and test procedures, if thinking to the test in the paint, the product will be very easy to detect the quality of each component and contact. SMT assembly generation processing for jia made a electronic SMT generation process integrity management
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