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In the past, looking for SMT or hole cartridge chips are not too difficult. About ten years ago, however, manufacturers gradually stop making hole technology of chip. There is a lot of

by:Rigao      2020-03-25
( Ball grid array package) Two kinds. Shenzhen hongli strapdown figured out many ways to use most of the chip. Under the shenzhen hongli express ideas ferment, the element is only a very few industry use shenzhen hongli jie can't use. If, however, shenzhen hongli home made a good design, want to PCBA production, how to do? There are some suitable for the practice of manual welding, it will damage the whole process into the machine. In order to solve this kind of problem, I arranged the five common problems and reference for everyone into the mechanical system before. 1. Measure moisture unreasonable although at first glance, but plastic is absorbs moisture, and not only to throw the whole piece of plastic in the water will be affected. As long as the plastic chip is exposed to the air can absorb moisture, if put the chip to absorb moisture in welding furnace, the result will be like popcorn in the microwave oven. Damp heat will become water vapor, if gas quickly enough, water will open the chip. And these cracks are invisible to the naked eye, can make the products become very unstable. Some DIY players often open the package, then put the components on the outside, but not particularly want to deposit in the right circumstances these components. If you want to send a design to mechanical PCBA assembly, for humidity sensitive element, you can have two different way. First, don't need to order components early, when you need to order, or the element after the arrival of the goods keep sealed package. Otherwise, you can also recycle components of be affected with damp be affected with damp. If you inform vendors have such case, please they baked before PCBA to assemble the components, can also solve the problem of be affected with damp be affected with damp. 2. Order if you don't save the welding paint is not prevent welding paint ( 阻焊层) Or screen ( 丝网印刷) And some circuit board manufacturing chamber of commerce to offer discounts. This in artificial PCBA assembly no problem, because you can adjust the use amount of solder with the naked eye. Prevent welding paint can promote the quality of the welding points, however, if it is in the oven, solder welding through template to the circuit board, some solder reflow on copper, lead to component is insufficient solder tip, unable to contact fixed securely. Although welding paint for money, but it can improve the stability of the contact, it is cheaper in the long run. And choose different colors of the weld paint, also can let the board looks more personal style! 3. Silk screen is also very important screen has nothing to do with the stability, but screen will affect the PCBA assembly precision. Ideally, CAD file will tell PCBA to assemble the machine precise location, Angle and direction of each element, but it is not perfect. Components might be wrong, the size of the label may also not clear, many times by CAD file alone is not enough. Silk screen is to let the benefits of data error. If you don't want to let the PCB polarity marking or object name above, you can put these notes on making software file within the layer, then please indicate PCBA assembly plant to see in that layer. 4. Don't be afraid to SMT to ensure that the board can make by hand, one of the most simple way is to use hole instrumentation components. However, this limits the possibility of design, many new technology and cannot be used. Of course, you can buy additional circuit boards ─ ─ a small SMT chip, on the PCB, it can be welded joint. Can solve many functions, but this is not a panacea. Those products are very useful, but very occupy a space, the price will be more expensive than a piece of the board. PCBA assembly through the machine, can make the right the small board to do the left two pieces of boards together can do if you are doing the product design, use of the board is not much, can consider additional circuit boards. However, if you want to produce one thousand pieces of board, please redesign the PCB. As long as don't forget to bypass or other components. In addition, a number of additional circuit board are open source, so you can take one of the available circuit design directly! 5. Can't use the guide hole under the welding pad QFN and BGA have pins or welding mat, usually can't touch. For welding furnace back, this no problem, but if you want to use the hand welding? Many people will add guide hole (the chip via) , with duct tape components on the board, then flipped the board, the soldering iron and solder through the guide hole. As a result, most can indeed manual welding surface-mount, no joint element. Read here you might have guessed what did I say, it will be a problem when mechanical PCBA assembly. Solder will be down from guide hole, ran to the circuit board, on the other side of the side before may cause short-circuit, dorsal element loss or unable to err on the side of all welding joint cushion, etc. , if you use the manual welding guide hole this method, that before the PCBA assembly machine, must make a new PCB design, must want to remove the guide hole. 6. To make! But a few years ago, the production of electronic products, tools and services are very complex, the price is very expensive, for amateurs, almost impossible to own little project put into production, start a small business. Today, things have changed, not so difficult to do hardware business, almost anyone can give it a try.
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