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Introduction of PCB board

by:Rigao      2019-12-31
According to the brand quality level from the bottom to the high as follows: 94HB-94VO-CEM-1-CEM-3-FR- 4 detailed parameters and uses are as follows: 94HB: ordinary cardboard, not fireproof ( The lowest material, die punching, can not be used as a power board)94V0: flame retardant cardboard (Die punching)22F: single-sided semi-glass fiber board (Die punching)CEM-1: Single-sided glass fiber board (Must be drilled by computer, can not be punched)CEM-3: double-sided semi-glass fiber board ( In addition to double-sided cardboard, it belongs to the lowest material of double-sided board. Simple double-sided board can use this material, which is better than FR-4 will be cheaper 5 ~ 10 yuan/square meter)FR-4: double-sided glass fiber board 1. The rating of flame retardant characteristics can be divided into 94VO-V-1-V- 2-94HB four 2. Semi-cured sheet: 1080 = 0. 0712mm, 2116 = 0. 1143mm, 7628 = 0. 1778mm 3. FR4R4 CEM- 3 is a plate, fr4 is a glass fiber board, cem3 is a composite substrate 4. Halogen-free means no halogen (Fluorine, bromine, iodine, etc) The substrate, because bromine will produce toxic gas when burning, environmental protection requirements. 5. Tg is the glass conversion temperature, the melting point. 6. The circuit board must be flame-resistant, cannot burn at a certain temperature, and can only soften. The temperature point at this time is called the glassy transition temperature (Tg point) This value is related to the dimensional durability of PCB boards.
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