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Is it a fraud to raise money for circuit boards?

by:Rigao      2020-05-07
Many people are asking if there is gold in the circuit board? Is it a fraud? According to the understanding, besides 30% plastic and 30% inert oxide, the circuit board also contains 40% metal, with a metal content of 0. The amount of gold is 1%, so there is gold for circuit boards. In addition, the amount of gold contained in different waste circuit boards is also different, with the gold content in TV sets accounting for 0. 2%, the gold content of computer mainboards accounts for 0. Of the metal content of waste circuit boards. 1%, of which the most gold content is mobile phone. A ton of waste mobile phone circuit boards can be extracted 0. 034g gold, 0. 34g of silver, 25g of copper and other metals, and only 20g of gold can be extracted from a ton of ore, thus it can be seen that the gold content extracted from waste circuits is quite large, so how is the gold in the circuit board extracted? Recently, the new circuit board recycling equipment, which is active in people's field of vision, is a good metal separation equipment, which can separate metal and nonmetal substances in the circuit board and then extract gold. Technological process: first, the electronic component disassembler is used to disassemble the electronic components on the waste circuit board, and the disassembled electronic components can be sold for the second time, thus realizing the recycling of resources; Then the waste circuit board is put into a crusher for crushing, and the metal and resin are mixed and crushed. In order to avoid insufficient crushing of the metal and resin powder, we specially add a rotary vibrating screen to the equipment, crushing and screening are carried out, and the fragments without sufficient separation will be crushed for the second time; After ensuring that the metal and resin powder are all broken, the high-purity metal recovery effect is obtained by sorting through the air flow specific gravity sorting machine in the circuit board recovery equipment. The metal extracted from the waste circuit board can also be extracted from copper by electrolysis, and then gold can be separated from other nonmetallic substances by chemical immersion method to extract gold. However, the manpower and capital invested in refining gold far exceed the value of the extracted gold, and will produce secondary pollution. Under the current national environmental protection policy, chemical refining of gold is not in favor. Therefore, if you want to make profits by separating metals from waste circuit boards, it is recommended to start with dry physical separation of metals and nonmetals. The content of copper in waste circuit boards is very large, the market value is very good. Copper separated from waste circuit board recycling equipment can be sold to metal processing plants or directly sold, while nonmetallic glass fibers and resin powder can also be sold as additives and filling materials, to achieve low input and high output, the profit is very considerable.
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