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Ming China airlines electricity made the final price structure, and considering all the factors affect the cost of PCB assembly

by:Rigao      2020-04-12
Many customers contact us understand the factors that affect the cost. Factors that lead to price changes include, however, the circuit board size, element type, the number of parts, welding method, inspection method, etc. Due to the number of components and their types, the price will be changed. Costs will depend on the component type of consumer choice and technology. Other factors that may affect the costs include hole components, SMT components, fine pitch, lead free or BGA component, etc. Due to the repeated place the parts in the whole process on either side of the circuit board, two-sided assembly costs significantly increased. The process involves additional welding template manufacturing, SMT machine programming, etc. , this may lead to the increase of the average assembly price. In spite of this, we consider all the elements, to provide competitive prices and lead-free assembly. Our team will provide lead-free assembly strictly according to your specific instructions. We have a number of additional production line to provide the unique service. We are using the latest welding system accord with RoHS guidelines. However, due to the lead-free technology, the price may be different, but you can get the full cost from our management staff details. PCB assembly parts price for consumers to choose the type and size. Due to the lead-free part type, namely the BGA, QFN etc. , the cost may be different. Even if due to package size ( Such as 0201120 6) And testing technology and result in cost change.
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