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Now there are a lot of surface treatment technology of PCB proofing, common are hot air leveling, organic coating, electroless nickel/immersion gold, immersion silver, and five tin, the P

by:Rigao      2020-04-10
1, hot air leveling ( Tin) Hot air the whole peace hot air solder leveling ( Commonly known as spray tin) , it is coated on the PCB surface heating molten tin solder ( Lead) And the whole compressed air ( Blow) Flat technology, make its form a layer of copper oxidation resistance, and can provide good weldability of the coating. In the joint of copper and tin compounds have common solder and copper. PCB for hot blow, usually in the molten solder sinking; Before solder solidification liquid solder wind flat knife; Air knife can reduce solder copper on the surface of the half moon surface shape, to prevent the solder bridge. 2, organic solderability protectants ( 基金 OSP is printed circuit board ( PCB) Copper foil surface treatment of a kind of technology that could satisfy the requirement of RoHS directive. OSP, OSP is in clean bare copper surface, a layer of organic chemistry method of skin membrane. Impact resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, moisture, protect the copper surface under normal circumstances will not continue to rust, Oxide or sulfide, etc. ) ; But in the following welding heat, the protective film must quickly is removed flux easily and in this way can we make the clean copper surface is in a very short period of time with molten solder immediately became solid solder joints. Best ability net belongs to the group, is a leading domestic electronic industry service platform, online provide components, customized procurement, PCB, BOM with singl electronic sensors, electronic industry, such as material selection, supply chain solutions to meet the requirements of electronic industry of small and medium-sized customers comprehensive one-stop. 3, the whole plate nickel plating is gold plated nickel and gold plated on the surface of PCB plating again after a conductor layer on the plating a layer of gold plating, nickel plating is mainly in order to prevent the spread between gold and copper. Surface looks not bright) And hard gold plating ( Smooth surface is hard wear-resisting, containing cobalt, gold and other elements look lighter) 。 Soft silk is mainly used in chip packaging; Hard gold is mainly used for welding parts of electrical interconnection. 4, chemical nickel plating and electroless plating nickel and palladium and palladium compared with niobium between nickel and gold is much more a layer of palladium and palladium, can prevent from corrosion phenomenon caused by the displacement reaction, fully prepared for the large displacement. 5, rhizoma zedoariae turmeric is a thick layer of, on the surface of the copper electrical good nickel gold alloys, can be long-term protection PCB; It also has other surface treatment don't have the patience to the environment. In addition, turmeric can also prevent the dissolution of copper, it will cause the loss of copper electrical. Conducive to lead-free assembly. 6, tin tin because now all are based on the tin solder, so the tin can match with any type of solder. Tin process can be formed between the flat copper tin compounds, this characteristic makes heavy tin has like hot smoothness good weldability and no hot air flatness headache problem; Storage time is too long, the assembly must be in accordance with the order of the tin. 7, heavy silver silver process between organic coating and electroless nickel/heavily, process simple, fast, even when exposed to heat, wet, pollution of the environment, silver can still maintain good weldability, but will lose its luster. No chemical silver plating. Nickel/heavily with good physical strength, because there is no nickel - below The silver layer. 8, plated gold in order to improve wear resistance of products, increase the number of the plug and hard gold plating. As the user demand is higher and higher, the environment is more and more strict, surface treatment technology is more and more strict, PCB surface treatment technology in the future will be to, now also can be predicted. In any case, to meet user requirements and environmental protection must first do this!
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