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by:Rigao      2020-04-10
1, established a cooperative relationship with various electronic materials business, purchasing to peer inside with the channels of the most preferential price, quality standard: 2 accord with ipc - a - 610g; 3, quality standard: pcba product hundred function testing, for clients to save a lot of time 4, product certification, rohs standards, can provide SGS report, have ul 5. Value-added services: direct export, open value-added invoice 6: PCB processing: single/double/multi-layer fr4 board material, 1 - Layer 2 aluminum plate ( The longest can do 120 cm) , no halogen PCB, high frequency board, impedance, buried blind hole plate, laser paper substrate ( 94hb/94v0) Half a glass fiber board: 22 f/cem - 1 pcb&pcba
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