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PCB electronic products refers to the electronic processing company choose have the ability to help production products, in order to focus on new product research and development and market development

by:Rigao      2020-04-22
Determine the cooperation and sign the contract after the talks, they signed a cooperation contract. Customer orders and provide process information customers begin to place orders and provide product processing bom, PCB files, Gerber files, graphs and PCBA testing plan. Material purchasing electronic processing plant materials according to the customer's order to purchase components, PCB board, steel mesh and fixture. Material delivery, the material inspection and processing, inspection and handling incoming material, and then delivered to the PMC to plan production. SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing materials online production, through the solder paste printing, SMT, reflow soldering, AOI inspection, DIP plug-in and wave soldering process chain, complete PCB machining and welding, every step in processing quality inspection. PCBA testing electronic processing plants according to their own testing process, combining with customers to provide the test plan, repair defects found products. The packing and shipping after production of all products, according to customer requirements for packaging and transportation. PCBA and electronic products processing is a relatively complex process. In the process of production, every employee need to work together to follow the production process to control the quality strictly, meet the quality requirements of customers, and provide the perfect products.
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