Why Rigao

Rigao Electronics has been engaged in turnkey electronics manufacturing services since 2006, the services we can provide are PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, components sourcing, IC programming, and function test for prototyping and mass productions. Our oversea sales office is close to Shenzhen airport, all of our supporting production facilities are located in Shenzhen which including two printed circuit board manufacturing lines, eight SMT circuit board assembly lines, three Through-Hole Assembly lines, and two function test lines. These facilities allow us to offer our customers a quick turn PCB fabrication and PCB assembly services.


Rigao Electronics is an ISO9001:2009, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, and TS16949 certified manufacturer, and our company is compliant with IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 standards. Most of our customers are from Europe and the United States who involve in a wide variety of industries like IoT, Telecom, RFID Tech, Smart control, and Industrial control.


AS a PCBA supplier, Rigao Electronics also provides checking of Design for Manufacturing for every project. In order to satisfy manufacturing requirements and make the design possessing good manufacturability, Rigao team will verify all data files from you which including Gerber files and BOM before starting production. This service enables the product to be manufactured with the lowest cost, shortest time, and highest quality.

Contact us now, you will get $500.00 for your orders.

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