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Pcb processing requirements _ PCB processing precautions

by:Rigao      2019-12-12
The process of PCB processing requires different methods of PCB processing, and the raw materials for PCB processing are also Qian, and the corresponding processing flow is not used, the same material will also have a difference in order when processed in the same method. So for professional PCB manufacturers, what are the technological requirements for PCB processing with many processing methods? PCB processing technology requirements 1, number after the completion of PCB processing, it should be immediately numbered. In order to prevent the loss of marks during processing and cleaning, a marker is used to clearly write and write a uniform number on both sides of the board. For future management convenience, this number should be permanently retained. 2. Place it correctly. In order to make the surface of components bump and scratch as little as possible, in the process of processing, transporting and keeping PCB, care must be taken to prevent bumping, and the board and the board also need to be isolated and placed to avoid contact with each other, so that the PCB board is damaged to each other. 3. Post-finishing process of PCB processing after PCB processing and testing, it is also necessary to carry out post-finishing work on the whole board, including removing excess items on the surface such as excessive pins and metal residues; Beautify the finished product after PCB processing, such as concealing the Front Flying line as much as possible; For the back flying line, it is less and less, it is best to take shortcuts; The solder joints and long flying lines should be covered and fixed with minimal glass glue so that they do not affect the external appearance. Because for first-class PCB manufacturers, both internal and external are equally important; Therefore, the excess logo should be removed, the color should be consistent and the PCB board should be kept clean. If it is stained with dirt, it should be cleaned with a brush or cotton ball. After each PCB is processed, it must go through tedious finishing work before packaging, and the finished products obtained by each consumer have gone through numerous processes and cannot make any mistakes. Every honest and reliable PCB manufacturer strictly implements the above process and is constantly striving for perfection, only for yourself to be more professional, only to bring more affordable PCB processing products to consumers who trust it. Pcb processing requirements _ PCB processing precautions the important content of PCB engineer's work is PCB design. For designers, they can process their own design drawings and use them successfully, will be quite a sense of accomplishment. PCB design is more complicated than other products. A small detail error will directly lead to the scrapping of the whole PCB. After the design is completed, PCB processing is especially important. How to accurately process PCB design drawings? What should be paid attention to in PCB processing? 1. Factory scale the daily production capacity of PCB factory, and whether there is experience of cooperation with big brands. 2. Whether the equipment is advanced or not does the PCB factory have big-name and stable production equipment, which is directly related to the quality of PCB. 3, whether the process meets the design requirements, can meet their own process requirements, such as gold precipitation process, lead tin spray, etc. , to ensure the quality of PCB board. 4. Whether the service is in place, in addition to the quality of the product, the quality of the service is also an important factor in the inspection of the PCB factory. The PCB factory with perfect after-sales system and strong after-sales guarantee should be selected as much as possible. After confirming the cooperative PCB factory, submit the corresponding PCB processing documents to the factory as soon as possible. For the PCB factory, the first step is also the most important step after receiving the order for PCB processing. The PCB processing documents should be carefully checked to avoid a series of subsequent processing problems caused by the initial data problems. After confirmation, complete process approval and process configuration with its own factory. When PCB factories process PCB, in addition to ensuring the quality of PCB, they should also pay attention to the delivery date. At present, customers have higher and higher requirements for the delivery date. Some users need to ship the PCB 24 hours a day, this poses a big test to the production capacity of PCB factories and the integration capability of various resources. At present, PCB factories are mainly concentrated in the eastern region of our country. The geographical conditions and technologies in the eastern region provide strong support for the development of PCB processing. As a PCB speed proofing factory, jettel integrates all resources and can deliver goods within 12 hours as soon as possible while ensuring quality.
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