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PCBA as electronic product to develop in the direction of miniaturization, high density assembly, SMT SMT technology today has become the electronic group

by:Rigao      2020-03-24
Step 1: the application of the solder paste which is the first step on the PCB assembly. Before adding components, you need to add solder paste. Ming China airlines electric automatic printing machine. Need to add solder paste to the circuit boards with solder on the area. With the help of the welding screen will solder paste coating on the circuit board. It is placed in the correct position on the board, and the base runner moved through it. This allows the solder paste to squeeze through hole and imposed on the circuit board. Step 2: place the component which is done in applying the solder paste. Surface-mount technology ( SMT) Requires precise place component, it is difficult to place to implement manually. Therefore, with the aid of up to place the components on the circuit board machine. PCB design information provided in the position of the need to place the element, and pick-up and placement machine components information needed. This simplifies the up programming and make it more accurate. Step 3: reflow furnace in this step, the actual connection. After placing components, place the circuit board in the reflow oven conveyor belt. In the welding process of solder melts during reflow soldering. This will permanently connected to the circuit board components. Step 4: wave soldering in this step, printed circuit board is placed on the mechanical conveyor drive system and through the different areas. PCB by molten solder wave, which will help to connect PCB solder/hole, electronic components and lead solder. This helps to form electrical connections. It is important to note that you can according to the number of bottom instrumentation component, choose different selective wave soldering process, technology, components of the distance and place to have different requirements, can be reference to the layout of the panel components requirements. Step 5: clean clean PCB after PCB assembly is very important. This process helps with the help of the ionized water clean all flux residues. Step 6: check the PCB assembly is one of the most important step in the PCB assembly. Such as X-ray and AOI technology is used to determine the quality of the assembled PCB. In this step, to check whether there is short circuit, circuit board solder ball is loose, as well as the bridge between the solder ball. Step 7: testing circuit board and monitor output which is the final step in the whole process. The steps involved in monitoring product is to provide the desired output. The plate test and failure analysis in several ways. Soldering process, variable minimum should belong to the machinery and equipment, so check them first, to check the correctness of the available independent electronic discussion auxiliary, such as to examine each temperature with a thermometer, with electric meter precision calibration machine parameters. Note: in any case, do not want to adjust the machine to overcome some brief soldering problem, adjustments may be able to find more problems happen! But should be from the actual operation and records, and find out the optimum operating conditions.
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