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by:Rigao      2020-04-11
The benefits of PCB assembly automation printed circuit board ( PCB) Is widely used in modern electronic products, if it were not for the circuit board, most of the electronic components will not be able to be built. With the rapid development of technology, printed circuit board is now easier to mass production and assembly, due to the automation and machine. Traditionally, circuit board is often just the manual assembly, cause the production speed is slow, poor quality consistency. Automated PCB assembly and industry provides a wide range of advantages for the enterprise. The following are some of the benefits: automatic SMT processing and assembly to reduce overall costs using automated PCB assembly means you can expect to reduce the overall cost. Many SMT factory before actual production use specialized software digital circuit board assembly. This is to reduce the risk of errors and delays. In the process, PCB design personnel can repair any design error, to eliminate possible problems at the beginning of production. Such as omitting the polarity mark and incorrect coverage error can lead to project delay. The use of automatic assembly which means less need for employees to accomplish tasks. This can save money for the assembly staff, which means that the PCB production cost can be reduced. Reduce the human error of printed circuit board assembly process is a tricky task, is often very difficult. Circuit board assembly needs to pay great attention to detail. With the circuit board and components is more and more small, all parts must be correct welding in order to avoid mistakes. While it is possible to make mistakes, but designed for repeated and delicate task machine compared with employees is unlikely to make a mistake. In these cases, the automatic machine can finish more work in a shorter period of time, while keeping the accuracy. Finally, in the case of need high precision deployment machine can reduce the error. Put the manual assembly time shorten product development cycle can be different due to the circuit board, leading to completion time inconsistency. Manual assembly of printed circuit board takes much longer to develop, if you can do more other operations at the same time, may be counter-productive. Through the use of automated PCB assembly service, you can rest assured that your board will be delivered to the condition of high quality, at the same time enable you to complete several steps in parallel. Therefore, save you time and money. Consistent quality due to the design and programming of the automatic machine can perform the same tasks repeatedly, so the circuit board precision and quality can be better than the manual assembly, more consistent. SMT processing: automation allows you to keep the possibility of every production of circuit boards, therefore, when you cooperate with assembly service, you can look forward to a consistent quality. Suitable for mass production assembly automation can reduce the production time and cost of the printed circuit board, so that the printed circuit board can be used to production with higher yield. If you need mass production of PCB, automated service in providing timely and consistent with the circuit board is more efficient, at the same time, compared with the manual assembly is cost-effective.
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