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People only know that chlorine can kill bacteria, in tap water and often are used in the swimming pool. Chlorine bleaching powder can also make our clothes white and bright, but in daily life and electricity when zi chan

by:Rigao      2020-04-24
For PCB assembly, the presence of chloride ions can cause leakage, erosion and ionization of metal material. Non-metallic active chlorine is very strong material. On the component board if you have enough chloride, chlorine and moisture moisture in the combination form of ion electrode potential, causes corrosion and metal ion. In the process of production, printed circuit board face there are many potential sources of chlorine ion. In general, find out the chloride ion source of all it is difficult. Often appear this kind of situation where including: hot air leveling ( HASL) Sweat on the skin of the flux, the operator and wash with water, and so on. The chemical composition of the content of chloride ion by flux. Due to the nature pine balsam, if in the assembly process using high quality solid rosin flux ( Such as active flux or mild active welding agent) , the relatively high concentrations of chloride ions. Base of rosin resin base or water flux and no clean flux in this aspect, on the other hand. So the final welding technology used for assembly of water-soluble or no clean flux is lower the content of chloride ions. The content of chlorine ion of the PCB board material. The material of PCB board ( Including its insulation and adhesion of metal base) Determine the admissibility of chloride ion content in the process of assembly. Ceramic base material mixture or other forms of material on refractory material, such as aluminum, etc. , than the organic substrate such as epoxy glass cloth base material quantity is more sensitive for the presence of chloride ions. This is partly due to surface integrated distribution has reached to the point of micro scope. In terms of surface metal layer, the surface of nickel/gold itself is much more than the lead/tin surface clean.
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