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Printed circuit board with HH54BU - in the whole structure 100/110 v has many unique advantages and is widely used

by:Rigao      2020-03-25
Printed circuit board assembly is mainly can be divided into the following steps: step 1: collect prepare needed components, spare parts and printed circuit board. Step 2: components of lead rehearsals. Step 3: clean the printed circuit board. Step four: pick up components and printed circuit board is good performance. Step 5: place the component classification in the assembly order. Step 6: according to the technological requirements, install the components on printed circuit board. Step 7: check the location of the components instrumentation on the printed circuit board is correct. Step 8: fixed by welding of components. Step 9: remove residual flux residues. Step 10: check solder joint quality and overall appearance. Step 11: check performance of electronic components on printed circuit board is normal. Step 12: to the quality of solder joint and fault repair welding welding, solder joints. Step 13: electrical test according to the requirements of technical documents. Step 14: met the requirement of the quality of printed circuit board component library save or turn to the next working procedure. Printed circuit board assembly according to different type of components and equipment installation, its operating process is not the same. Installed mainly can be divided into single surface and double surfaces and one-sided, orange and orange. Its specific operating mode and can be divided into manual instrumentation components, automatic welding methods, some components automatic instrumentation, automatic welding way and so on. Usually, in the prototype stage of the product or small batch trial production, printed circuit board assembly is mainly rely on manual operation is completed, is the bulk components ( Instrumentation components) Assembling them one by one, Mainly welding operation) On the printed circuit board, this way the efficiency is low, and error rate is higher. For mass production of products, the circuit design is relatively complex, commonly used printed circuit board assembly line automatic assembly. Pipelining is a complex work process is divided into several simple working procedures, and then through the conveyor belt will automatically be sent to another packed parts assembly, components installed generally USES the automatic or semi-automatic enclosed a machine and automatic positioning machine equipment, such as soldering mainly rely on welding machine automatic welding, the whole assembly process was done by automation equipment automatic production process. This way of assembly line assembly can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce errors, improve the product percent of pass. In addition, for surface mount components ( SMC / SMD) , because of its compact structure, fine complex circuits, so automated assembly process can only be done by machines.
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