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SMT surface mount technology, is more popular in the electronic assembly industry technology and process. To guarantee the success of the SMT production, to

by:Rigao      2020-03-25
With the rapid development of electronic technology and product cycle shortened, for PCB assembly manufacturer puts forward higher requirements, at the same time, global competition is increasing pressure for businesses. Modern PCB assembly manufacturing enterprise to survival and development in the competition, must adopt new mode of production, so that customers can get a quick response, provide high quality products. The new enterprise efficient management technology is the system integration and information integration. Many companies continue to improve SMT production line automation and import high quality enterprise management system, make the enterprise production management level has been improved. But generally MRP Ⅱ/only management enterprise resource plan (ERP), it often can only handle the history, or, not timely, accurately reflect the current state and data. At the same time, the field production equipment control system can real-time production data is passed to the upper level resource management system. Lead to enterprise resource planning of lack of information support layer, control links cannot be effectively optimized. How the advanced production line control system and the enterprise production management information system effectively combined, to build Bridges between the two, is the enterprise information construction need to solve the problem. MES manufacturing execution system can solve this difficult problem. Manufacturing execution system is located in the upper plan management system and at the bottom of the production process control system for workshop layer between the management information system. It through the scene real-time data, finish the whole production process from order to product the optimization of the management. PCB assembly industry is a typical process manufacturing industry, and high degree of automation equipment. In order to fully tap the production potential of advanced equipment, optimize production, improve the management level of enterprise information, the construction and application of MES system is particularly important. Jiangsu jia yi shi system integrated with dynamic production process quality control as the goal, according to the PCB assembly enterprise informationization present situation and characteristics of the solved for PCB assembly building and application of MES in the enterprise. MES system for assembly industry solution summary: 1. MES system widely used in domestic at present. Enterprises should according to the company internal and external situation, through the analysis and planning for custom fit with your company needs, and the development process of MES system. For assembly industry, the requirement of information automation degree is high. Implementation of MES system can from the data acquisition and monitoring as a breakthrough point, on the basis of the data quality analysis, process production scheduling, etc. Be quick. 2. MES is the bridge of the production and management information system, in the enterprise information integration system played an essential role. Out of MES in ERP system will not be able to quickly organize production according to the market demand. Therefore, MES system should deal with the interface with the ERP system. 3. Agile manufacturing is the core of advanced manufacturing mode, the traditional MES solution is difficult to adapt to the request, the agile manufacturing system for MES to good integration, configuration, adaptability, scalability, and reliability. For PCB assembly industry MES system construction goal is to: 1) Build the basis of the unified data platform and system framework of MES. Provide a combination of custom user interface, business module and secondary development. 2) Development according to the requirements for lean production management mode, aiming at dynamic quality control in production process of MES system. Through the establishment of SMT assembly line production process management and control model. Information upload data real-time acquisition and monitoring and scheduling. Realize from the scene of the production tasks, equipment management and dynamic scheduling of integrated information management. 3) Provide dynamic quality analysis methods, real-time quality problem report to the police, and improve the management level, make quality management mode transition from manual inspection to automatic processing, real time control. Establish a knowledge base of quality, promote the optimization of quality standard. Through collection, analysis, processing, circulation process of accumulation, to achieve the improvement of the quality. 4) Complete and enterprise information system integration. According to the characters of PCB assembly industry, functional module division mainly includes data acquisition, monitoring and alarm, dynamic quality process control, process planning and scheduling, equipment management, auxiliary production site management, etc. Related to recommend
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