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The top 10 law of PCB circuit board proofing

by:Rigao      2020-04-29
Hello, everyone, I am a small make up, you know the top 10 rules of PCB circuit board proofing? Small make up today under the specific analysis for everyone, I hope to be of help. Rule 1: choose the correct grid - Set up and always use a grid spacing can match multiple components. Although seemingly significant utility multiple grid, but if the engineer at the beginning of the PCB circuit board layout design proofing to think some more, can avoid difficulties when interval and circuit board can be a good application. Because many families use a variety of package sizes, the engineer shall use their own design products. In addition, the polygon is vital for circuit board coated copper, multiple grid circuit boards in the polygon apply copper generally produces the polygon-filling deviation, though as well as based on a single grid standards, but it can offer beyond the service life of the circuit board. Rule 2: keep short and direct path. It sounds simple, but should be in each stage, even though it means want to change the PCB layout to optimize the wiring length, should be always remember. This part also is especially suitable for the system performance is always limited by impedance and simulation of the parasitic effect and high speed digital circuits. Rule 3: as far as possible, use the power the power cord and the distribution of the ground layer management. Power supply layer coated copper for most PCB circuit board proofing design software is faster and simpler a choice. Through a large number of wires to Shared connection, can guarantee to provide good efficiency and small current impedance or voltage drop, at the same time provide sufficient ground return path. Possible, still can run multiple power supply in the area of the circuit board in the same line, confirm whether the ground layer covers most of the PCB circuit board proofing a layer level, which facilitates the interaction between adjacent layer running on line. Rule four: the related components and the required test points are grouped together. For example: place the discrete component needed for the OpAmp operational amplifier in closer from the device so that the bypass capacitor and resistor can collaborate with him, so as to help optimize rule 2 mentioned wiring length, at the same time also make test and fault detection becomes easier. Rule 5: the required PCB in another larger circuit boards PCB circuit board proofing puzzle duplicated many times. By choosing appropriate manufacturers use device is beneficial to reduce the size of the prototype design and the manufacturing cost. On the front panel PCB layout in the first place, contact circuit board manufacturers to obtain the choice of each panel size, then change your design specifications, within those panel size and try to repeat in your design. Rule 6: integration of component values. As a designer, you can choose some component values or high or low, but the efficiency of discrete component. Through integrating in smaller standard scope, can simplify the bom, and may reduce the cost. If you have a series of PCB circuit board based on device selected proofing products, from a long-term perspective, also in favor of the inventory management of the you make the right decisions. Rule seven: as much as possible to perform design rule check ( 刚果民主共和国) 。 In spite of the PCB circuit board proofing software running on the DRC function takes a short time, but in a more complex design environment, as long as you always perform inspection in the process of design can save a lot of time, this is a worth keeping good habits. Each wiring is crucial decision, by performing a DRC may at any time you those important wiring. Rule eight: flexible use silk screen printing. Silk screen printing can be used to indicate a variety of useful information, so that circuit board manufacturers, service, or test engineer, installation personnel or equipment debugging personnel to use in the future. Not only marks a clear function and test point label, as labeled components and the direction of the connector, even these annotations (printed circuit board in the use of components under the surface After the circuit board assembly) 。 Up and down in the circuit board surface fully application of screen printing technology can reduce repeated work and streamline the production process. Rule 9: will choose decoupling capacitor. Don't attempt to avoid decoupled power according to component data in the table limit value to optimize your design. Capacitor is cheap and durable, you can spend time as much as possible to good capacitor assembly, follow the law of six at the same time, the use of standard value range to maintain inventory and tidy. Rule 10: PCB circuit board proofing manufacturing parameters and verify before submit the production. Although most of the circuit board manufacturers would be happy to direct download and verify for you, but yourself or output Gerber files, and free viewer check as well as expected, in order to avoid misunderstanding. Through verification in person, you will find that even some careless mistakes, and thus avoid losses according to the error parameters of complete production. Because sharing circuit design is more and more widely, and internal team more and more rely on the reference design, similar to the above basic rule will remain a feature of the printed circuit board design, we believe it would be very important for PCB circuit board design proofing. Even the novice circuit board design, just keep in mind these basic rules will speed up the learning process, to enhance confidence. Want to know more information about PCB circuit boards? So please remember our website
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