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To understand the use of high CTI special printed circuit board, you must first understand the CTI and principle of CCL and PCB manufacturing process. p

by:Rigao      2020-04-10
CTI and its principle of CTI refers to the relative index tracking leakage index or leakage, it refers to the highest voltage on the surface of the PCB substrate, its 50 drops of electrolyte and not leak out. According to the IEC112, this value must be in multiples of 25. Standard test. When copper coated polymer solid insulation substrate surface is a positive ions and negative ions in solution by pollutants, when applying a voltage, according to the formula of thermal QRI, on the surface of the leakage current big clean surface. Square, when the leakage current is added, the heat generated by the leakage current increases, and the moisture evaporation speed of pollutants, it is uneven drying condition on the surface of the polymer materials, resulting in the formation of dry area or the surface drying. Dry areas increased the surface resistance, makes the electric field is not uniform, resulting in a flashover release point. In under the function of electric and heat, make the surface of the insulator material flow, carbide resistance is small, and formed by clicking tip of applied voltage of the electric field intensity increases, thus flashover release point is more likely to happen. In such a vicious cycle, known to cause voltage between the electrodes of the surface resistance was damaged, and the formation of conductive channel to get tracking phenomenon. In the copper coated polymer solid insulation substrate, when there is tracking failure, three types of degradation. High density assembly pcba manufacturer, electronic products, small volume, light weight, the volume and weight of the patch element is only about 1/10 of the traditional instrumentation component, generally USES the SMT, electronic products smaller 40% ~ 60%, 60% ~ 80% reduction in weight. First of all, appear black carbide dendritic conductive channel. After several continuous discharge point, when the bridge between conductive path for growth. Connection, the materials can be decomposed; On the contrary, under the repeated action, material is light and is destroyed. Third, the material in some pits. Pit when release point to continue to deepen and power generation. The advantages of corrosion, click on the damage, sometimes not. According to the international electrotechnical commission, 664 A, 950 standard and UL standard, insulation materials according to the CTI value is divided into six grades. Pcba proofing for small and medium-sized enterprises in electronics industry set 'pcba proofing, SMT assembly, components procurement, pcba testing' as one of the high quality vertical integration solution, 24-hour quick proofing, PCB processing proofing. CT design choices leakage tracking, a simple statement is polymer solid insulating material under the joint action of electric field and electrolyte process of gradually form a conductive path. Pcba is currently one of the most popular in the electronic assembly industry technology and craft, a kind of there can be no pin or short fuses or matrix arrangement of the surface of the encapsulation assembly components installed on the surface of printed circuit board or other substrate on the surface, through the reflow soldering or welding methods, such as welding assembly of electronic circuit technology. Polymer solid insulation resistance called trace tracking index (CTI tracking ability. In many features of the CCL, tracking resistance as important indicators of the safety and reliability of the performance parameters of the increasingly brought to the attention of the PCB designer and machine manufacturers. CCL has low CTI value, high pressure and high temperature. In the long-term use such as humidity and pollution of environment is easy to leak and tracking. Insulating layer due to the continuous leakage damage, sometimes due to the carbonation of substrate material into a short circuit, so as to affect the safety of electronic electrical products service life. In general, CTI150 is a good paper base copper clad, the CTI is 175 ~ 225, generally with the base copper clad plate and common glass fiber coated copper is consistent, can't meet the higher requirements. The security of electronic electrical products.
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