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What are performance advantages of rigid flex board ?
The rgid flex board has both the characteristics of the FPC and rigid characteristics of the PCB. Therefore, it can be used in some products with special requirements, both a certain flexible area and a certain rigid area, which saves the internal space of the product and reduces The finished product volume greatly improves the performance of the product.. Depending on the kind and depth of detail you are seeking, you may better turn to our Customer Service. We can assure you that rigid flex board is endowed with excellent details with quality materials and sophisticated technology. Thanks to the improvement of the instruction info, you can browse through our website to learn more about the product characteristics.

Rigao Electronics is a manufacturing company specializing in high-quality export standards rigid flex board . Rigao focuses on providing a variety of rigid flex board for customers. The product supports inputs of many images or words and erases up to 50, 000 times with the press of a button. Users can rest assured that this product is healthy. It will not cause any harm to the skin.

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