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What are the pcb dry films?

by:Rigao      2019-12-14
1, single-sided PCB substrate material with paper phenol (Phenol)Copper sheet laminate (Paper phenol at the bottom, copper foil on the top)Paper epoxy resin (Epoxy)Copper sheets are the main ones. Most of them are used in radios, AV appliances, heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, as well as commercial machines such as printers, vending machines, circuit machines and electronic components. The advantage is low price. 2. Double-sided PCB substrate is made of Glass- Epoxy copper tension laminate, GlassComposite (Glass synthesis) Copper sheet laminate, paper Epoxy copper sheet laminate. Most of them are used in personal computers, electronic musical instruments, multi-function telephones, electronic machines for automobiles, electronic peripherals, electronic toys, etc. As for the Glass-benzene resin copper tension laminate, the Glass-polymer copper tension laminate is mostly used in communication machines, satellite broadcasting machines and mobile communication machines due to its excellent high frequency characteristics, and of course the cost is also high. What are the 3, 3 -? The material of the 4-layer PCB substrate is mainly Glass-Epoxy or benzene resin. The main uses are personal computers, Me ( MedicalElectronics, medical electronics) Machines, measuring machines, semiconductor testing machines, NC ( NumericControl (numerical control) Machines, electronic switches, communication machines, memory circuit boards, IC cards, etc. , also have glass synthetic copper sheets as multi-layer PCB materials, mainly focusing on their excellent processing characteristics. 4, 6- The 8-layer PCB substrate is still made of Glass- Epoxy or Glass-based benzene resin. For electronic switches, semiconductor testers, medium-sized personal computers, EWS ( EngineeringWorkStation (Engineering Workstation), NC and other machines. 5. PCB substrates with more than 10 layers are mainly made of Glass-benzene resin, or Glass-Epoxy is a multi-layer PCB substrate material. The application of this kind of PCB is relatively special, most of which are large computers, high-speed computers, communication machines, etc. , mainly because it has excellent high-frequency and high-temperature characteristics. 6. Other PCB substrate materials, other PCB substrate materials include aluminum substrate, iron substrate, etc. The circuit is formed on the substrate, mostly for slewing machines (Small Motor)On the car. There is also a soft PCB ( FlexiblPrintCircuitBoard) The circuit is formed on materials such as polymers and polyesters. It can be used as a single layer, double layer, and multi-layer board. This kind of soft circuit board is mainly applied to the movable parts of cameras, OA machines, etc. , and the connection between the hard PCB or the effective connection combination between the hard PCB and the soft PCB, as for the connection combination mode, its shape is diversified due to its high elasticity.
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