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Which pcb design and fabrication company doing OBM?
Rigao Electronics is devoted to being one of the leading producers of OBM of premium quality pcb design and fabrication . We will be responsible for everything such as the production and development, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. If you have any specification and Picture or Sample, please send the specification we will develop products according to your requirement.

Rigao is an influential professional provider of pcb design and fabrication . Rigao focuses on providing a variety of pcb design and fabrication for customers. Reliable raw materials: the raw materials of Rigao pcb design and fabrication are subject to rules and regulations of the factory. They are selected from a supplier that possesses unique know-how and technology. With a built-in filter system that is specially designed, this product generates very little radiation, including electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave.

We endeavor to minimize the use of resources during production. For example, the reusable water will be collected and the energy-saving illumination and manufacturing equipment will be adopted to reduce power consumption.
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