Turnkey PCB Assembly Services for Prototyping and Volume Production

Hdi Pcbs

To meet the various needs of customers all over the world, Rigao Electronics not only provides common PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, but also High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB turn-key electronics manufacturing services. The most manufacturing techniques for HDI PCB boards include blind & buried via, micro-via, epoxy resin or copper filled via, Controlled Impedance, fine lines in BGA pads, via in pad, etc. The HDI boards we manufactured refer to many fields like IoT, telecom electronic, smart control, industrial control and digital devices.


The capabilities for HDI PCB boards manufacturing
√ Blind & Buried via
√ Controlled Impedance
√ Epoxy Resin or Copper Filled Via
√ Fine Lines in BGA Pads
√ Via in Pad
√ Hybrid Laminate

Rigao Electronics also provides some special process technologies like embedded capacity and embedded resistance, if you have any other special requests, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to confirm back to you soon.

HDI PCB Capability
Category Item English Metric
Laminates Max. Number of Layers 40 L 40 L
Thickness of Thinnest 8 Layers HDI 0.023" 0.6 mm
The Thinnest Core 3 mil (no copper) 0.075 mm (no copper)
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance ± 10% ± 10%
Trace Min. Inner Layer Line Width 2 mil 0.05 mm
Min. Inner Layer Line Spacing 2 mil 0.05 mm
Min. Outer Layer Line Width 2 mil 0.05 mm
Min. Outer Layer Line Spacing 2 mil 0.05 mm
Key Trace and Tolerance 3 mil±0.6mil 0.075 mm±15um
Holes Hole Position Tolerance ± 3 mil ± 0.075 mm
Hole Size Tolerance(PTH) ± 3 mil ± 0.075 mm
Hole Size Tolerance(NPTH) ± 2 mil ± 0.05 mm
Key HDI Process HDI Layer 3+N+3 3+N+3
Controlled Impedance Tolerance ± 8% ± 8%
Min. Solder Mask Bridge 2.5 mil 0.065 mm
Min. Blind Hole Size 4 mil 0.1 mm
PTH & Buried Hole 6 mil 0.15 mm
Min. Pad with Via 7 mil 0.175 mm
Min. BGA Pitch 13.7 mil 0.35 mm
Min. BGA Pad 8 mil 0.2 mm
Drill Min. Mechanical Drill Hole Size 6 mil 0.15 mm
Min. Laser Drill Hole Size 3 mil 0.075 mm
Aspect Ratio 12:1 12:1
Gold Finger Angle of Beveling  15-45° 15-45°
Angle of Beveling Tolerance ± 5° ± 5°
Depth of Beveling ≥ 4 mil ≥ 0.1
Depth of BevelingTolerance ± 3 mil ± 0.075 mm
Color of Solder Mask  Green Matte Green Light Green
Black Matte Black Red
Yellow White Blue
Color of Silk Screen White Black Yellow
 Green Red Blue
Surface Finishing HASL HASL Lead Free OSP
Immersion Gold (ENIG) Gold Finger Solf Gold

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