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PCB Capabilities

How to get quotation for PCB Fabrication 

Please prepare following info and send it to us, our salesman will send the quotation file to you within 24 hours.


1.PCB design file (gerber file )
3.Material of printed circuit fabrication
4.Finished Thickness
5.Copper Thickness
6.Surface Finishing
7.Color of Silkscreen
8.Color of Solder Mask

Rigid PCB Capability
LaminatesMax. Number of Layers40 L40 L
Min. Finished Board Thickness0.008"0.2 mm
Max. Finished Board Thickness0.248"6.3 mm
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance± 10%± 10%
Max. Panel Size23" * 40"584 * 1016 mm
CopperMax. Inner Layer Copper Thickness6 oz0.21 mm
Max. Outer Layer Copper Thickness6 oz0.21 mm
TraceMin. Inner Layer Line Width3 mil0.075 mm
Min. Inner Layer Line Spacing3 mil0.075 mm
Min. Outer Layer Line Width3 mil0.075 mm
Min. Outer Layer Line Spacing3 mil0.075 mm
Min. BGA Pad8 mil0.2 mm
HolesHole Position Tolerance± 3 mil± 0.075 mm
Hole Size Tolerance(PTH)± 3 mil± 0.075 mm
Hole Size Tolerance(NPTH)± 2 mil± 0.05 mm
Min. Plated Slot15.7 mil0.4 mm
Min. Non-Plated Slot15.7 mil0.4 mm
DrillMin. Mechanical Drill Hole Size6 mil0.15 mm
Min. Laser Drill Hole Size3 mil0.075 mm
Max. Mechanical Drill Hole Size256 mil6.5 mm
Aspect Ratio12:112:1
Gold FingerAngle of Beveling 15-45°15-45°
Angle of Beveling Tolerance± 5°± 5°
Depth of Beveling≥ 4 mil≥ 0.1
Depth of BevelingTolerance± 3 mil± 0.075 mm
ProfileV-Cut Position Tolerance± 3 mil± 0.075 mm
CNC Tolerance± 2 mil± 0.05 mm
Stamping Tolerance± 4 mil± 0.1 mm
Special ProcessControlled Impedance Tolerance± 3%± 3%
Min. Pad with Via7 mil0.175 mm
Blind and Buried Via3+N+33+N+3
Plugged ViaResin Filled or Conductive Filled
Color of Solder Mask GreenMatte GreenLight Green
BlackMatte BlackRed
Color of Silk ScreenWhiteBlackYellow
Surface FinishingHASLHASL Lead FreeOSP
Immersion Gold (ENIG)Gold Finger (Hard Gold)Solf Gold (for COB)
Immersion SilverImmersion TinCarbon Ink
PCB MaterialFR-4High TG FR-4PTFE
Halogen-FreeCeramicComposite Material
Aluminum BaseCopper BaseOthers as Requested

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